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How to Play Foodgeball

Simplified Rules

  • This is one of those games that would take a whole book to explain how the game works, but will immediately make intuitive sense once you've played it. This is just 6-man football, but the tackles are made by connecting with a foam dodgeball. There is absolutely no contact.
  • I run this league somewhere around a break-even, but more commonly at a loss. I do it because I enjoy it and I enjoy all of your company. If you make me not enjoy it, I will remove you. Be nice. Be courteous. Be an adult. 

Specific Rules

  • DO NOT COMPRESS THE DODGEBALLS! These are generally light, soft dodgeballs, but a person can turn them into a baseball if they compress all the air out. If you are caught doing this, you will be removed from the league permanently. Also, these dodgeballs are like $20 a piece, so don't step on them or mistreat them either. 
  • All defenders will start play with two dodgeballs. Offense has to give defense time to collect their dodgeballs between each play. You know, maybe help out a little after the play is dead.
  • Turnovers - because the offense will not have any dodgeballs, interceptions will be blown dead at the spot they are caught but will result in a turnover. Because no one is wearing helmets, fumbles will be blown dead immediately and not result in a turnover. 
  • Blocking is allowed! It's cool, because you are not actually blocking bodies, you're blocking dodgeballs. This is a completely no contact game. Less than flag football even.
  • Penalties: pretty much all penalties are 5 or 10 yards forward or back, 1st down or loss of down, up to the discretion of the ref. They probably won't be the same from game to game or ref to ref. The refs are volunteers that help because they want to support this league. Don't worry about it too much and try not to commit a penalty. Some normal football penalties won't apply to this league, like false start. Can't cross the line, so what's the point.

All your questions:

  • QB sneaks allowed? No
  • Rushing the QB? No - However, you can throw dodgeballs at the QB 5 seconds after the snap. You can also throw dodgeballs at any player the QB hands the ball off to immediately
  • Dodgeballs to the head count? Yes - but if you are intentionally beaming people in the face with a dodgeball, you'll be ejected from the league. Don't be an asshole. Apologize if you do accidentally connect with someone's face.
  • How are first downs measured? Fixed first down markers along the side of the field. Might be one or two depending on the field size. E.g. you'll either have to cross the midpoint or third-point of the field to get a first down.
  • What happens after I've thrown my dodgeballs but miss? Go pick one up, silly!

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