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How to Play Handball


This international sensation is a fantastic blend of basketball, floor hockey and water polo. Our rules will be slightly altered from the official rules to allow for a fun, non-contact version. If you've never played with us before, you should know we're a fairly anti-competitive league. There is very low tolerance for any actions that spoil the fun for everyone or that put anyone at risk of injury. If you're looking for a highly structured league that values and rewards your athletic prowess, you have come to the wrong place...

Essentially, we're all just here to have fun so play clean, show good sportsmanship and be friendly!

Court Setup

We play on a regular sized basketball court. The three point line will serve as the goal box (goalie area). A large goal (8ft wide by 5ft tall) will be placed on the back of each end of the court. The ball will be a 6-inch diameter, rhino-skin lined foam ball (our black dodgeballs if you're familiar).


Each team will have 5 players on the court with at least 2 girls. If a team is short a girl or two, they may play down a player for each girl. If a team does not have enough players to field a full team, let us know before hand and we'll find some subs to fill out your team.


Pretty simple. When the ball makes it into the net, that's a point.


Substitutions can be made at any time. Teams can swap goalies while the ball is out of play (after a point).

While on Offense

  • You may throw and catch the ball using your hands only (no kicking)
  • You may take up to three steps with the ball or hold the ball for up to three seconds (the referee will keep track of the counting, thank you)
  • Unlike regular handball, you may not dribble the ball to extend your possession
  • You may not hand the ball off to a teammate (the ball must be passed through the air, bounced or rolled to a teammate)
  • You may shoot on goal from outside the three-point line (feel free to throw directly, bounce it, roll it or whatever sneaky tactic you prefer)
    • Unlike official handball, you may not jump or pivot across the three-point line while throwing to close your distance on the goal)
  • You may not cross the three-point line at any time
  • You may not charge, shove, grab or impede a defender 
While on Defense
  • You may NOT guard the ball holder
  • You may defend any potential receivers
  • You may not grab any part of another player
  • You may not grab or swipe at the ball while it is in the possession of another player
  • You may not defend from behind the three-point line (aside from the goalie)
  • You may knock or catch the ball out of the air
  • You may use your feet to block a bounce-pass or roll, but you must use your hands to pick it up (no kicking)
  • You may not charge, shove, grab or impede another player
While Playing Goalie
  • You may use any part of your body to block a shot
  • No one else from either team is allowed in your goalie area at any time
  • You may move freely within your goalie area while holding the ball (no three step limit)
    • You may not leave the goalie area with the ball in your possession
    • You will have 5 seconds to get rid of the ball
  • You may abandon your goal and play offense with the rest of your team
  • You may use your hands to pass the ball to a teammate (no kicking)
  • You may take a shot at the opponent's goal
General Play
  • Games will start with both teams within their respective halves of the court. The goalie of the team that wins the coin toss will put the ball into play. Neither side may cross the half-court line until the goalie throws the ball. This will be done after each goal as well.
  • Loose balls must be picked up by a players hands; they may not be kicked intentionally
  • If two people reach a loose ball at the same time, the play will be blown dead and a jump ball will be held at the spot of the ball
  • The goalie area is the exclusive property of the goalie. No one else may enter 


All physical penalties will result in a free shot for the non-offending team. 

All other infractions will result in a turnover to the other team's goalis

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